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Stow it no more: FAA easing ban on electronics during takeoff, landing

The words "please stow all electronic devices" may soon disappear from the scripts of flight attendants. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is poised to lift its ban on the use of electronic devices aboard airline flights at elevations under 10,000 feet. It would also allow the use of e-readers, iPods, tablets, and phones in "airplane" mode even during take-offs and landings. The Wall Street Journal reports that the FAA is circulating a draft set of recommendations from an advisory panel that recommends relaxing the bans. Cell phone calls during flight would still be banned.

The report acknowledges that technology has changed dramatically since the FAA originally placed the ban on electronic devices during takeoff and landing back in the 1960s, when there were valid concerns about interference to aircraft communications from personal radios and other electronics. The panel also admitted that having airlines each evaluate the safety of individual electronic devices before allowing them to be left on at low altitude "has become untenable." Passengers are widely ignoring the ban already, and the FAA advisory panel's report cited research that showed a third of airline passengers had "accidentally" left a device turned on for entire flights at least once.

An FAA spokeswoman sent a statement to the Wall Street Journal that said that the FAA "recognizes consumers are intensely interested in the use of personal electronics aboard aircraft. That is why we tasked a government-industry group to examine the safety issues and the feasibility of changing the current restrictions. At the group's request, the FAA has granted the two-month extension to complete the additional work necessary for the safety assessment."

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Finding Neverland — 6 баллов из 10

how the book about Peter Pan was created
кино про создание Питера Пена

The Dark Knight Rises — 6 баллов из 10

nothing exciting about this one, not even the Bat
в этой серии уже ничего впечатляющего

EU to end mobile roaming charges next year

Consumers will next year be able to use their mobile phones across the European Union for the same price as at home, it is planned, after officials voted to fast-track major reforms of telecoms regulation.

TED: Denise Herzing: Could we speak the language of dolphins?

Артемий Трегубенко: «Arthur Clarke's Dolphin Island was one of my favourite childhood books. Now it's sci-fi is coming to life.»

For 28 years, Denise Herzing has spent five months each summer living with a pod of Atlantic spotted dolphins, following three generations of family relationships and behaviors. It's clear they are communicating with one another -- but is it language? Could humans use it too? She shares a fascinating new experiment to test this idea.

The Flowers of War — 6 баллов из 10

spectacular Chinese propaganda
эффектная китайская пропаганда

you may be exposed to Content that is absurd

Skyfall — 7 баллов из 10

nice action, nice one-liners, and evil gay
бодрый боевик с шуточками и геем-злодеем

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