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Dallas Buyers Club — 6/10

An interesting story of a white trash guy who got AIDS and suddenly started displaying a lot of character and creativity. It is very loosely based on real events and displays the man much better than we was. Jared Leto's role makes it worth watching.

American Hustle — 7/10

A tense and complex story of two con people being forced by FBI agent to lure corrupt politicians in a trap, and trying to get out of this alive and free. Won Oscar for the least dressed female characters.

Что вообще происходит где

Довольно интересная статья о спектре общественных настроений в России и о динамике его развития. «Учитывая, что речь идет о сравнительно коротком временном периоде, такой рост свидетельствует о достаточно быстрой перестройке общественного сознания ипостепенном преодолении россиянами правового нигилизма.»

full-stack Business Guy

Experienced startup engineers are looking for a full-stack Business Guy to be CEO, COO, PM, marketer, account manager, HR, and receptionist

вопросы к работодателю

Во время собеседования не только наниматель пытается прощупать кота в мешке оценить кандидата, но и работник прикидывает, насколько ему будет хорошо в новой компании. Поэтому у меня довольно давно есть список вопросов, которыми я терзаю собеседущих. Пожалуй, удобнее будет его хранить в блоге, заодно он кому-то сможет пригодиться.

Для разогрева простые вопросы, пусть и менее важные:

Ну а потом сложные темы, про которые можно говорить дольше:

EU roaming charges capped from July 1st

Under the new rules the maximum charge for outgoing calls, excluding VAT, will be 19 cents per minute, six cents for outgoing text messages and 20 cents for a MB download of data.

However, the new caps only apply when you use a mobile within the EU - and not for the whole of Europe. If you’re travelling further afield the most crucial thing is to turn off data roaming on your phone or tablet.

Look up your model on the internet before you travel to find out how to do this. It will stop the automatic downloads of updates, which can cause a huge bill.

Other changes from July 1st include:


Drivers must carry a high visibility vest for every occupant of their car from July 1st. The regulation applies to all cars, trucks and buses registered in Germany, but not to motorcycles.

Drivers may be asked to show their vest during an inspection.


From July 1st pensions will increase by 1.67 percent in the states of the former West Germany and 2.53 percent in the former East German states. The increase is different in the former East to the West as wages have risen by more in the East.

Mothers and fathers whose children were born before 1992 are also getting better pensions from July 1st.

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