Ссылки за март 2016

Kung Fu Panda 3 — 7/10

Soon after hatching from the egg panda Po has lost his parents. It’s no big spoiler that in this movie he will find one of them. Also he is all out of bubblegum, not much left to do.

Shaun the Sheep Movie — 8/10

Sheep wanted to take a break and decided to send the farmer on vacation. They botched that and sent him into amnesia instead. There he rediscovers himself, because people are not that different from sheep, see.

Dilbert 2016-03-13

Артемий Трегубенко: «— Программа готова?
— А сколько доработок вам ещё нужно?
— Только три…
— Выходит, ещё не готова.»

Deadpool — 8/10

Sarcastic, rude and funny take on superheroes movies. Ironically the parts when a couple of them show up are the worst. Recommended for everyone who can enjoy gross jokes.

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