Ссылки за ноябрь 2017

Captain Fantastic — 7/10

Impressive story with somewhat inconclusive message: freeing yourself from the society has upsides but downsides as well. Complex questions, good acting, and some awkwardness, unintentional as well as intentional. Like when a policeman wants to run a check on you, pretending to be a weird Christian family helps.

Керамические морские губки

Удивительные произведения из керамики, сильно напоминающие простейших морских животных вроде губок и кораллов

Der Staat gegen Fritz Bauer — 7/10

Surprisingly thrilling German film about hunting down one of former Nazi top officers. Given that the total duration of action scenes in it is about half a minute, it is an impressive achievement in directing and acting of the old grumpy prosecutor. And some touches of fine socks are also nice.

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