Ссылки за июнь 2019

Upgrade — 7/10

Not the kind of upgrade I was expecting but still a nice one. Captivating story and very impressive style of action scenes do make up for a few smaller plot holes. Also a great moment when two fakers change a wheelchair.

Captain Marvel — 7/10

An interesting story even though the captain seems overpowered and capable of pretty much anything she’d like to do. But it provides a bit of background to the later events and people. And purrifying flerken.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World — 7/10

Surprisingly the new dragon is not as impressive as the new villain. The supporting characters do their job too obviously. There’s still a lot of fun though, especially about the prosthetic sister.

Smallfoot — 7/10

I think this cartoon is underrated. It’s funny and smart and creative. Worth watching! Even if you only get half a year for yourself.

Luxemburger Burgen

Beaufort Vianden Bourscheid

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse — 7/10

Well that was something new in the generic superhero movie landscape, some nice variety. I really enjoyed the characters, and the story was captivating. Some action scenes did make me wonder if they were too fast-paced or was it me getting older and not keeping up to speed. The Rubik’s cube was perfect!

Searching — 6/10

The most impressive thing about this movie is its novel technique of telling the story literally on the computer screen. The story is decent however not too exciting. I wonder of the society in the US really reacts like this.


Limburg an der Lahn


Чуть к северу от центра Германии посреди пологих холмов торчит гряда утёсов. Это популярное место прогулок у жителей соседнего городка.

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