Ссылки за май 2020

The Danish Girl — 7/10

The elegance of this young promising painter had deeper roots, and once they saw the light of the day they sprouted and blossomed and refused to be put back. Unfortunately this European society was way too prudish then. Anyway there was a glimpse of hope for transgenders.

Toy Story 4 — 7/10

I don’t remember from the previous three parts the idea “toys are like parents for kids”. Well here it is in fool bloom, and is even taken further. What do they do after kids grow up? Lose their heads?

Den skyldige — 7/10

Impressive contrast of a calm environment of the police call center with a drama invisibly developing on the other side of a telephone connection. People following their job routine and people being kidnapped and worse. Nice acting however lets you see the emotions storming under the calm surface, and then some unexpected turns of events start coming in.

Onward — 7/10

Would you choose impressive magical powers for the selected and painstakingly trained over anyone flipping switches? What if switches have equally impressive results? This world has made its choice, and not a trace of magic seems to remain in the mystical creatures populating it, not even in the majestic unicorns. Well, magic can come back – some believe it strongly enough.

Guns Akimbo — 7/10

Shamelessly over the top this comedy is something fresh. It’s liberated by not taking itself too seriously. If you don’t do it either you’ll be in for some good fun and even a few nice twists.

Цитата #461122

— Алло, МЧС? У нас тут вызов, произошёл хлопок газа, несколько человек самоизолировались под завалами
— Что?
— Возможен отрицательный рост жильцов
— Что, блять?
— На месте дома плато, говорю, поверхность стабилизировалась
— Адрес скажите!
— РИА Новости, приезжайте скорее
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