Ссылки за июль 2020

The Banker — 7/10

The segregation wasn’t over in the US when two rather prosperous black guys wanted equal access to big credits. So they took a white guy and trained him to look rich and be the face of their operations. With the new possibilities they even ended up buying two banks in a racist state – a real story. Being real it didn’t get a good ending, but the film is rather good fun to watch.

BlacKkKlansman — 7/10

At some point the Ku Klux Klan leadership decided to improve its image, but they still hated black people and Jews. Somehow the first black policeman in one of the states signed up with them over the phone for lulz. When it came to showing up in person he reasonably has sent a white face instead of him – a Jewish colleague. Working together they gained enough trust to become the heads of the local KKK group, and all this happened in real life. I have utmost respect for these policemen.

J’accuse — 7/10

It was quite recent time when France had another bout of hate for Jews. Searching for a spy in the military the investigators stumbled upon a Jewish officer and didn’t need to look any further. He was promptly sentenced, but then the proofs of the mistake started coming up. Acknowledging it would put even more people in quite bad light, so everyone doubled down. Except a truly exceptional officer, even though he wasn’t a good marriage material. It’s an entertaining movie about real piece of history.

Richard Jewell — 7/10

Maybe you are a hero, but weren’t you too close to the place the disaster have happened? And then just wait until the press gets a hold of this news. Makes you think how close the bad guy stereotypes could be to actual average guys. Too bad this was all very real. By the way, the first Russian woman I see in a Hollywood movie, and she’s good!

The Man Who Knew Infinity — 7/10

I saw some mentions of an outstanding Indian mathematician before, but never realized how extraordinary he was. And such a shame he didn’t get a chance to do much, much more! The whole story is rather dramatic, and I definitely recommend seeing it.
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