Ссылки за январь 2021

The Croods: A New Age — 9/10

It is a rare occurrence that I rate a movie 9 of 10, and the Croods sequel has truly deserved that. I watched it again on the next day, and loved every last minute. It’s hilarious, and you only won’t call it smart because you were rolling on the floor laughing at these moments. On top of that, Thunder Sisters are just pure gold!

WolfWalkers — 8/10

Another great film from the makers of The Secret of Kells. Outstanding animation and a touching story of friendship of two very different girls. And it’s packed full of wolves!

How To Set Default Fonts and Font Aliases on Linux

Well, there are two places where fonts are configured: system-wide configuration resides in /etc/fonts/, and per-user configs are stored in ~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf.

Soul — 8/10

Once again Pixar produces a film with the best plot and innovative animation. The great characters, beautiful music and good humor are worth praise as well! You definitely should watch it, but stay away from highly processed food.

Garbage Language

Why do corporations speak the way they do?

…At my own workplaces, the New Age–speak mingled recklessly with aviation metaphors (holding pattern, the concept of discussing something at the 30,000-foot level), verbs and adjectives shoved into nounhood (ask, win, fail, refresh, regroup, creative, sync, touchbase), nouns shoved into verbhood (whiteboard, bucket), and a heap of nonwords that, through force of repetition, became wordlike (complexify, co-execute, replatform, shareability, directionality)…

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