Ссылки за декабрь 2021

Le prénom — 7/10

This is a nice comedy with a French ending. And I say so even despite me seeing a thorough remake of it just some weeks ago. More than that, the Bluray I received didn’t have the subtitles in English, so I had to use the German ones, and very likely missed things out. Anyway, the acting is superb, the story is funny, the characters are believable, and you should watch it! It comes with a handy list of names that are off-limits.

Red Notice — 7/10

I like the Ryan Reynolds’ kind of goofiness a lot, and this spy comedy promptly delivered it. It doesn’t try to go above and beyond, but executes the standard masterfully. It even feels that the cast fits their roles overly well, like when the director definitely shows Gal Gadot off too much. Oh, and be prepared: there would be some crying.
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