Ссылки за февраль 2022

The Big Sick — 7/10

This romantic story is inspired by the real events in the life of the lead actor. It’s multifaceted and disorganized, and feels only more real because of it. I am particularly grateful that it didn’t go in the awkward/cringe humor direction, it just shows everyday struggles as struggles. Even if it’s about staying awake during a horror movie.

The Birdcage — 8/10

I guess I missed this gem in my formative years because of the rampant homophobia among pirates. To my pleasant surprise, it aged remarkably well, if at all. The characters are wonderful, and they raise this comedy well beyond the boundaries of the sitcom genre. The rational critic in myself tells me that the first part is a bit too long, that the following drama is somewhat overdone, however this doesn’t really matter to me. I’ve never been a big fan of Robin Williams, but here he’s perfect. The people, the humor, the mood, it’s all great! I just loved it!
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