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Low emission zones: What you need to know if you're driving in Europe

More and more cities around Europe are introducing low-emission zones, mostly administered by a sticker in your vehicle windscreen – but what if you're travelling between different countries? Here's a look at the rules around Europe, and which countries will accept a foreign vehicle sticker.

Wunderschön — 7/10

Another look at how the society’s expectation of a female body face the reality… or the other way around? Too bad, only one of the protagonists sees it for what it is, while the others suffer and try to make the two meet. All of this is shown with some good and kind humor. For a German movie, this one is quite good, nice and smart small-scale film. I particularly liked the car-related moments (oh, the irony!)

Фраза дня по итогам голосования за 23 декабря 2022

Если в России все горе от ума, значит вся радость от глупости.


Айтишники ёлку не ставят. Они её переустанавливают.

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