Ссылки за март 2023

Анекдот дня по итогам голосования за 30 марта 2023

В 90х учили язык Си, и сейчас учат язык Си.

Но есть нюанс.

Bad Times at the El Royale — 8/10

A masterfully filmed story about a very peculiar hotel and a few criminals sucking everyone around them into a dangerous whirlwind. I was entranced and didn’t notice the length of the movie. It doesn’t even seem to use any of the modern filmmaking techniques, as it tries to fit the style of the 60s, the time when its story is happening. Add to that memorable characters and great actors, and you’ve got a great film. It could even be perfect if the plot, otherwise very convincing, didn’t have a “deus ex machina” moment. Still, I enjoyed it a lot, and even took away that drugs are bad for you.
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