Ссылки о веб-разработке за ноябрь 2020

The most useful accessibility testing tools and techniques

– “Here is a list of tools I regularly use to make sure everything I do is accessible for folks with different abilities, whether they are blind or holding a sandwich in their hand.”

Web-based SVG path editor

Cote 1.0.1: A Library for Building Zero-Configuration Microservices

— When they say ‘zero’, they mean even without things like Nginx or Redis - everything ‘batteries and chargers’ is included. Mature and been around for years.

React Frontload 2.0: Simple Full-Stack Data Loading for React

— Do full stack data loading and state management inline in React components by writing a data loader in your component (with a hook) and it ‘just works’ with SSR and in the browser.

react-simple-maps: Declarative, SVG-Based Maps

— With three years and numerous releases passing since we first covered this library, we felt it warranted another look. If you need to express yourself geographically but don’t need the detail, complexity and visual clutter of a full-blown map, it could be just the ticket. Check out the examples.
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