Ссылки о веб-разработке за апрель 2021

A Real World CSS vs. CSS-in-JS Performance Comparison

— No huge surprise here, I suspect.

Comparing the New Generation of Build Tools

A bunch of new developer tools have landed in the past year and they are biting at the heels of the tools that have dominated front-end development over the last few years, including webpack, Babel, Rollup, Parcel, create-react-app.

These new tools aren’t designed to perform the exact same function, and each has different things they’re trying to achieve and features to get there. Despite their differences, these tools do share a common goal: improve the developer experience.

Is COBOL holding you hostage with Math?

– “floating point math has blown lots of stuff up completely by accident.” why is it so hard to migrate legacy systems?

The End of AMP

– “Google announcing that sites with passing core web vitals will receive a ranking boost on mobile. However, there is another important item in the update – the end of special treatment for AMP pages.”
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