Ссылки о веб-разработке за июль 2021

A Checklist for Freelance React Developers

— Robin covers a variety of things to think about if you’re an independent React developer who needs to seamlessly get involved with existing teams and projects.

Google's New Tool for Understanding Your Dependencies

deps.dev is an experimental project by Google that scans places like GitHub and the npm registry for package info, determines full dependency graphs, and then lets you navigate this data. Check out the express package page, for example.

GitHub Copilot: An AI 'Pair Programmer'

— A project that GitHub has been working on in the background for some time with OpenAI. It’s a VS Code extension that uses machine learning to suggest code snippets as you type and, yes, it plays well with Node, although some of the code generated can be a little questionable. Think of it as a source of inspiration, rather than writing your code for you.
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