Ссылки о веб-разработке за июль 2022

Bun: An Exciting, Speedy New JavaScript Runtime

— Tired of Node? Tired of Deno? Never. But a new challenger has appeared. Bun is aimed at 'outside of browser' use cases and is built around WebKit's JavaScriptCore, rather than V8. Some notable features:

bundlejs: Online npm Package Bundler and Size Checker

— An online tool that can treeshake, bundle, minify, and compress (gzip and brotli) projects and show you just what their weight is. Bundlephobia is another popular option in this space, but Mark Erikson says bundlejs is “now _wayyy_ better.”

An Introduction to Module Path Aliases / Mappings

— A tidy example and explanation of the value of aliases for tidying up your import paths.
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