Ссылки о веб-разработке за сентябрь 2023

Tailwind, and the death of web craftsmanship

– I had to debug a site made with Tailwind recently. I’d rather use my scrotum as a pin cushion than do that again.

I Blame the W3C’s HTML Standard for Ordered Lists

– I can get unreasonably grumpy about standards, but this is God-tier: “Am I blaming the rise of fascism and the downfall of Western civilization on the W3C’s pig-headed and flawed implementation of the OL tag in HTML? A little, yes.”

AI bots are so good at mimicking the human brain and vision that CAPTCHAs are useless

“The bots’ accuracy is up to 15% higher than that of humans” – so get rid of them from your sites; they’re often an accessibility disaster for actual humans.

Things You Forgot (or Never Knew) Because of React

“I’ve written before about how React is the new default frontend framework, and how I don’t think most people using React on a regular basis realize quite how much it’s fallen behind.” High level thoughts about the React ‘bubble’ and some reasons to look beyond it, if you so choose.

RxDB - Local Database For JavaScript Applications

— With RxDB you can build realtime applications with great performance that even works when your users are offline.
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