Ссылки о веб-разработке за октябрь 2023

'Why I Won't Use Next.js'

— From the perspective of web standards to concerns about increasing complexity, Kent C. Dodds shares his opinions on why he won’t use Next.js. It’s spicy and opinionated, but always thoughtful. (In other Kent news, he’s just launched Epic Web, his new full-stack webapp development course.)

React Memo is.. Good Actually

— The use of React’s memoization features can be ‘a controversial, complex & ever evolving topic’ (see last issue’s The Uphill Battle of Memoization, for example) but Tim thinks there are a lot of misconceptions and works through nine of them here – some technical, some more philosophical in nature.

How We Optimized Package Imports in Next.js

— The latest version of Next includes improvements to optimize package imports that can improve local dev performance and production cold starts. This post explains why this was needed and how it was done.

Speeding Up the JS Ecosystem: The Barrel File Debacle

— Marvin continues his tour through the world of JavaScript performance fixes with a look at how some innocent looking code can make your tools slow. Test runners and many import cycle detection tools/linters are most affected.

How To Make A Strong Case For Accessibility

by Vitaly Friedman

ARIA, the good parts

by Hidde de Vries

The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Must Know About Unicode in 2023 (Still No Excuses!)

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